Red, White, and Really Cute Babies

The Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays, next to Christmas and my birthday! This year brought the typical seasonal, southern, summer (say that 10x fast) rains, but that didn't spoil our fun. My family and I spent the past few days at my Aunt and Uncle's house on beautiful Cherokee Lake. Hadley Grace celebrated her first birthday (keep a look out for a future blog post) & Sadie Drew wowed us all with how big she's grown! These babes are 100% all American girls.

Regardless of rain, my Aunt's landscaping and awesome porch decor totally rocked the look I wanted for this session. Oh, and seeing Sadie Drew standing in front of the barrel from her Momma & Daddy's wedding... my heart. Time, please slow down!

A Babe & A Birthday

Brandon and Kelci were some of the first friends I made, when I moved to Tennessee. I was one of the first people to know they were expecting Miss Mabry. So, it makes total sense I would be there to capture each milestone and memory they've had with their precious baby girl, since her arrival. It just so happens, Mabry turned 6 months within a few weeks of her momma turning #29. In celebration, we laughed & danced in the evening sun at Ijams Nature Center, and Mabes showed off by sitting up like a big girl! I just adore photographing this family.